Download PSP Games to a Memory Stick

Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a rage among gaming enthusiasts all over the world. Though now superseded by the PlayStation Vita, it continues to be popular among loyalists. As you know, the PSP comes in many different versions. Recently, PSP-E1000, a budget variant was released, which has no Wi-Fi connectivity. One of the prime models, PSP Go has features like a sliding screen, bluetooth connectivity and is lighter than the wide screen PSP 3000. It also comes with a memory stick micro with a storage capacity up to 16 GB. The beauty of the PSP is that you can enjoy high quality gaming using a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Plus you can watch videos and listen to music using it.

Most PSP gamers are unaware of the fact that they are not limited to the game choices provided on the PSP UMD. The additional memory stick storage has been provided so that you can store more games, videos and music on your PSP. You should make full use of the available memory space to download additional PSP games. That way, you will get more choice when it comes to playing games on your PSP. Let us now see how to download games to PSP memory stick or memory card.

How to Download PSP Games

PSP comes with many preloaded games, but if you want to play recently released games, you need to download them on your memory stick. The memory disk is really a very tiny little thing that can hold a lot of data on your PSP. Here are stepwise instructions on pulling off PSP downloads and storing them on your memory card.

Get a PSP Compatible Memory Stick
In case you are using an earlier model of PSP, you may not have been sold a memory stick along with the gaming console. In that case, to download games to a memory stick, you must buy one in the first place. You can order one online, from Amazon or eBay. Make sure that it is compatible for use with Sony’s PSP. It is recommended that you go for a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Download Games to PC
Obviously the main task before downloading PSP games is locating them! The best place to look for the latest PSP games is Sony’s online PlayStation store. It offers a range of latest released games for you to choose from. You can download games directly from the store’s website. Some games are freely downloadable while some will have to be bought. There are hundreds of other sites that offer PS3 games for download. If your PSP firmware is higher than the version 1.5, chances are that some downloaded games won’t play, unless they are downloaded from the PSP store (To check the firmware version, go to Home-> Settings-> System Information-> System Software). Download all the games that you want on to your PC’s hard drive.

Format the Memory Stick
Before you can use it, the memory stick has to be formatted. To do that, insert the memory stick in the M2 slot on the PSP and go to Home-> Settings-> System Settings-> Format Memory Stick. Choose the ‘yes’ option, when a confirmatory message asking for memory stick formatting pops up.

Copy Games From Computer to Memory Stick Using USB Cable
Once you have downloaded the PSP games to your PC, transferring them to your PSP memory stick is very easy. Using a USB cable, connect the PSP with your PC. To copy games to the PSP, you have to put it in USB mode. To do that go to Home-> Settings-> USB Connection-> Press X. Once you have done this, your PC will recognize the memory stick as a removable drive. Just drag and drop or copy and paste all the downloaded games into a folder named PSP, in the main folder, which should be named as ‘GAME’ (Folder names should be in capital letters). This concludes the transfer job.

Let the Games Begin
All that you have to do next is go through the menu of your PSP and go to GAME-> Memory Stick-> Press X. There you will find the downloaded and transferred games listed. Scroll through the list and hit ‘X’ to begin playing!

Before you download games to memory stick of your PSP, make sure that the web site you download it from is reliable. The safest option is to download games from Sony’s own PlayStation store. The latest PSP firmware doesn’t allow playing of homebrew free games made available online.

Sandbox Games

Nonlinear gaming is very popular with all the gaming consoles. If you want to know more about these games also called sandbox games, read on to learn about the options you have.

Sandbox games are games with no particular objective. They can be played according to the players will, where the player gets to be creative and the outcome may differ depending on the way he chooses to play, which is a lot different than regular PC games . These games are building up, to have open ended stories, which definitely will be enjoyed by many as the outcome is at the stake of your creativity and choices, which makes gaming a learning experience as well. If you want to explore the world of such games, I have a few suggestions for you. The best part about these games is that the user or the player is not bound to any structural constraint and does not have to follow rules for time and achieving targets.

Best Sandbox Games
There are many such games available in the market but not all of them are meant for the PC. Most of them today work well with a gaming console like PlayStation 3 or an Xbox. However, there are some that have been designed to work well on your PC. The game I enjoyed playing was SimCity. The game where you are the mayor and get to make decisions and plan an entire city, is fun and quite strategically challenging. Another game is Grand Theft Auto, where you can do absolutely anything like go on a date or hang out with friends in between tasks. I particularly enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto for the Easter bunnies that you get after completing the tasks. This makes the game quite fun. Well, that was my favorite, but there is a range of games you could choose from.

Top 10 Sandbox Games For PC
Here is a list of games of all times, which have been reviewed and rated by expert PC gamers. This is a list of sandbox PC games that should work fine on a PC.

The Grand Theft Auto Series
Mercenaries-II & IV
Dead Rising
Mafia II
Saint’s Row-II & IV
Red Dead Redemption
Just Cause II

Other games that you may enjoy in the sandbox gaming section are Bully, Spiderman II and Oblivion. This was a list of the best computer games for which you have to shell out a few dollars. There are certain sandbox games available free of cost for online.

Free Online Games
Here are a few sandbox online games which are available free of cost. These games are fun to play online or download, when you have absolutely nothing to do.

  • Phun- A 2D game to make structures such as towers, buildings and absolutely anything you wish
  • Bontago- It is a 3D game where you are supposed to make room on the play field
  • TV Station Manager- In this game you play a TV station manager of a channel that is about to go bankrupt. Your aim is to save this TV station from going bankrupt.
  • Toribash- Is a turn based game where you fight. You have to either make a martial arts movie or join in fighting in the multi-player mode. This game however, focuses on the tactics of fighting rather than just blindly smashing and beating up people.

Sandbox games are the best to channelize your creativity. It works wonders when you have reached a mental block in terms of being creative.

There are times when I too felt my creativity and thoughts have reached a stagnation point, playing a few games where your decision makes the world of a difference ( in the virtual world of course) is a great booster. Try playing a few sandbox strategy games and I am sure you will love them. These were the best of them, hope you have fun playing! Happy gaming!

Graphics Cards Used for Gaming

A graphics card is one electronic component, that started out as a luxury and today is a necessity. Learn more about this part of the computer and its role in video game performance.

Graphics are an integral part of most computer programs and software, especially with video games. In this article, learn more about using a graphics card for gaming and some models that qualify for the “best gaming graphics card” title.

Why are Graphics Cards Used for Gaming?

Each part of a computer performs a specific task or function. The processor is the brain, the hard disk is the storage area and so on. Similarly a graphics card is the main unit or part of a computer, which deals with graphical features or representation. Simply put a graphics card can be thought of as the eye of the computer. The human eye views an image, observes its various features and translates it into information and sends it to the brain through neurons. A graphics card works in reverse. It receives information from the CPU about an image, pixels, resolution, screen size, where it should come on the screen etc. and it puts together the image and sends it to the monitor for display. The graphics card is the actual translator of digital data into a live image.

All computers are not equipped with graphics cards. The basic ability of translating pixel info into an image or video is present on a graphics chip, which is located on the motherboard. A graphics card is an expansion or additional component which can be added to the existing computer’s configuration as a perk. The difference between the in-built graphics ability and a graphics card lies in quality and delivery as well as some other hardware specifications.

In-built graphics are called integrated or on-board graphics. Being part of the motherboard, they use the computer’s RAM and processor for generating graphics. As such, they can slow down the system’s working, especially with large image files. Also on-board graphics do not work well with 3D rendering and imaging, if at all. Even if the image appears, the computer could lag or hang with poor picture quality and blurry images. This quality factor is where a graphics card comes into the picture. Graphics cards are dedicated in nature, meaning they have their own RAM and processor. So they are kind of mini-computers with a brain of their own, just for doling out graphics. So the computer can focus on other essential tasks, high-performance graphics are rendered, everyone’s happy.

Graphics cards are also called video cards, video adapters, graphics accelerator card and display adapters. Earlier, graphics cards were exclusive add-ons for high-performance, powerful machines. The average user did not require such a high-tech component and indeed most systems were ill-equipped to handle such a part. But advancements in technology have made any media file, high quality. From 3D imaging to TV capture, new trends in media playback have introduced the need for a graphics card. In fact, after upgrading memory, adding a graphics card is the next tweak to an existing system. Especially if you are a gamer.

The latest and greatest PC games are very graphical, it’s a fact. Whatever the genre, racing, first-person-shooter, strategy, RPG, there is color quality, brightness, contrast, depiction etc. And that’s just with color. The actual imaging itself is hectic since it is based on the game’s pace. Consider any PC game like GTA IV. The computer must be capable of drawing and displaying the high-quality characters, landscape etc. at the same time, keep up with the game’s working. Poor graphic handling means ill-formed images and the image can freeze on screen or lag slowly. Your character’s walking down the street can seem to take forever. Then there’s ghosting, where the previous image remains on screen for some time in tandem with the current image. So it gives a sort of double effect to the gameplay. Such events while gaming leads to a lot of colorful language and you’ll be highly tempted to throw your monitor at the wall! Fret not, the solution is installing a graphics card for gaming use.

Best Graphics Card for Gaming

What specs should you look for in a graphics card for gaming? The most important measurement is the frame rate, whose unit is FPS (frames per second). This is the number of frames or images that can be displayed per second. Most PC games require a frame rate factor of 60 FPS, minimum for a decent performance. You need to consider your computer’s processor and RAM as well. If the computer’s memory is less, even having the best graphics card will not improve the graphics performance, because the information about the image is delivered slowly to the card itself. You need to look at the card’s memory and the processor it has. The higher or larger the included card memory, the better the graphics card works.

The two main producers of graphics card processors are NVIDIA and ATI. Some of the best video cards are:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M
Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
Nvidia GeForce 9500GT
AMD Radeon HD 6970
AMD Radeon HD 6950

It is difficult to pinpoint or choose the best model from different graphics cards, because the market sees the release of new models nearly every month. Whether you brought a card and added it to your existing system or purchased an assembled system with an excellent model, the advantage in having a graphics card for gaming is the impact on performance of your machine. The difference in quality is so apparent as well as smooth and crisp game-play, that’s the real pleasure behind PC gaming. To play hard and get the maximum out of your system, make sure you have a gaming graphics card.

AMD Vs Intel Who’s Better at the Game

There has been an age-old debate about which processor among AMD and Intel is better, and this debate continues when you consider the efficiency of both regarding gaming. Both these companies are behemoths of the computer processor industry. It is difficult to declare which one has a precedence over the other. Certain features need to be considered before making any kind of comparison. We look at what the AMD and Intel processors have to offer in the gaming arena.

When an individual spends large amounts of money to buy video game consoles and expensive video game DVDs for their PCs, they do not mind shelling out a few hundred dollars extra to get a better processor. After all, this implies that their games will run smoothly, and this is what any gamer wants. This debate gains more importance because of these two reasons:

The similarities in the processors, but a massive difference in the price; and
The willingness of gamers to pay a higher price for better performance.

AMD Vs. Intel for Gaming


Most of the latest i7 processors of Intel have a clock speed of 2.70 to 3.20 GHz. Most of the AMD processors, on the other hand, have a clock speed of around 4 GHz.

Thus, the speed is very fast and appropriate for gaming and almost same in both the processors.


Certainly, AMD scores here because it is cheaper and more affordable than its counterpart. Perhaps, this is the reason it is more in demand at times. Pricing for AMD FX processors begin from about USD $100, and they are favorable for gaming once you touch around USD $150. Currently, you can opt for AMD FX-6300 which is priced at approximately USD $120 if you don’t want to break your budget. Once your budget crosses $150, Intel processors offer a quicker and more powerful performance overall. The latest Core i7-4790 costs around USD $303.

The difference in price often convinces the layman to believe that Intel is better. And in this market segment, spending USD $100 extra to get a so-called better performance is completely feasible. However, some people acknowledge that AMD is equally efficient as well as affordable; thus, in this regard, it is a matter of perspective. Some people go in for the cheaper product, believing that as long as its performance for gaming is efficient, it does not matter, while some brand- and price-conscious people would prefer the more expensive product, believing it to be the best.

Graphics Card

There are many components that come into the picture as far as gaming is concerned, and this causes many variations in the gameplay. A bad graphics card affects the high quality graphics while you are playing a game; in fact, 75% of the overall performance depends on this card. Different processors of Intel use the Nvidia graphics card, while AMD uses ATI. Both these processors use excellent, high-quality cards. Intel’s i7-4790 uses the Intel HD Graphics 4600, while the new AMD FX 8-core processor comes with an Advanced Core Technology, Smart Cache, and an integrated DRAM controller with memory optimizer technology.


CPUs usually have a fixed clock speed; however, users look towards fine-tuning their processor to get more performance out of their CPU. This is called overclocking, which raises the clock speed above the base rate.

If you are inclined towards tweaking the settings, then AMD chips are a good option, given the fact that they provide more cores at a comparatively lesser rate. On the other hand, Intel chips are generally locked at their default clock speed. Hence, they aren’t an option unless you go in for an unlocked version of the processor.

Other Factors to Consider

When carrying out tests between the two processors to see which is better, it is important to compare the two on a similar platform. The memory of the machines must be the same, the motherboard must be the same, and all other configurations must also be similar in nature. Only then is it possible to truly check the superiority of one over the other. Various such tests show that on an average, both the processors are equally good, though Intel performs slightly better. But, the key here is to consider if the gamer is getting value for money. Experienced gamers know that slight differences are negligible, and this can be sustained for a large price difference. Amateur gamers will simply assume that Intel is better because it costs more.

Moreover, using an AMD processor also gives you the benefit of using that extra money to purchase an additional graphics card. This will make your gaming machine unstoppable, and far outshine an Intel machine that would cost the same amount. For all these reasons, it is no surprise that a lot of people choose AMD.